FAQs for the Water Treatment Plant Project

Why is the City of Onamia making improvements?

  • To provide better water quality and to continue to provide you with a safe and reliable source of drinking water.

When will improvements be made?

  • Anticipated Start Date 2/1/2024.
  • Anticipated completion date 12/30/2025.

Are there any health concerns associated with the improvements?

  • We will continue to work with the MN Department of Health to continue monitoring our water during the Water Treatment Plant Project to ensure that we continue to provide safe drinking water.

How does the city of Onamia ensure the safety of my drinking water?

  • We work with the MN Department of Health to ensure our drinking water meets all standards. Drinking water standards protect Minnesotans from contaminants that may be harmful to their health. We test our drinking water for over 100 contaminants.

What will happen during the WTP Project?

  • We will run water through our hydrants. This is called flushing. Flushing reduces the chance that water will have taste, smell, or color changes. Flushing may disturb sediment in the water mains.

Do I need to do anything?

  • You do not need to do anything.
  • If the color of your water changes, we recommend letting your faucets run until the water is clear before you drink or use it.
  • Flush your water by opening all taps and letting the water run until clear.

Will there be changes to my water quality?

  • We do not anticipate any changes to your water quality during the construction project.
  • Water quality should improve once the Water Treatment Plant is up and running.

Will my water service be disrupted?

  • We do not anticipate any disruptions in your water service.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my drinking water?

  • Please contact city hall 320-532-3311