2022 Medallion Hunt Clue #5

The last day of the hunt and I’ll elaborate a bit more

Here’s a hint for the set of numbers you were looking for

The location you seek includes a three and a seven

The Prime numbers to be found were in line between two and eleven

The set of objects has three on this road in a line

But stay on the North side of the road that is prime

If you’ve gone past the towers I think it is best

You turn back around, look for the red object East to West

2022 Medallion Hunt Rules

1. Seekers are asked to be respectful of private property. The medallion will NOT be hidden on private property. Destruction of private OR public property is forbidden and will terminate the hunt. There will be no reason to dig. The medallion will be hidden within city limits.

2. Clues will be posted at Noon and 5 p.m. beginning at 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 9th. Clues will be posted in town at the Information Booth, the Onamia City Website, and the Onamia Area Civic Association Facebook page.

3. The finder of the medallion must immediately notify the Onamia Area Civic Association.

4. The finder will receive $250 cash. The prize doubles to $500 cash if the finder has an Onamia Days Button!

5. The winner will be posted and announced online and at the Information Booth as soon as possible.

***Stay healthy, happy, and safe! Happy hunting!