Medallion Clues

Medallion Winner

Josh Jeanson found the Medallion after clue #5 came out on Saturday evening. It was at the base of a poplar tree along the Soo Line trail between Wall St and Elm St.

Congratulations Josh and thanks to everyone who hunted their hearts out.

Thursday 5pm Clue

Well another year has come to pass
and the Big O celebration is here at last!
This year’s theme is “A Walk through History”
and there’s a treasure hiding that, for now, remains a mystery.
This medallion hunt is in year ten,
and the rules of the game were made way back when.
Only public property, you know the gig,
Within city limits and you won’t need to dig.

Friday Noon Clue

Well, it’s finally Friday and the ole town is buzzin’
Time to to make plans with your friends and your cousins.
From where it’s hidden you can hear children’s laughter,
If you whiz right past them, you’ll miss what you’re after.
You’ve had some good luck in finding the treasure years past
But be aware this year, it just may not go quite so fast.
There’s lots of area to cover and that’s a must,
You may even want to talk to an old-timer you trust.

Friday 5pm Clue

I’ve only been around for 50+ years-a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things,
So all you get for clues are what my recollection brings.
Highlights for me were the carnival and teen dance,
But I digress, without more clues you don’t have a chance!
There’s signs all over town pointing the right direction,
Don’t miss all the history tidbits - there’s value in reflection.

Saturday Noon Clue

1908 is when OTown incorporated,
As pit stop on the tracks to Duluth, our town was fated.
It must a been a forest, all the streets named after trees,
Maybe trains hauling lumber made that job a breeze.

Saturday 5pm Clue

Speaking of streets, we added a new one and a bridge across the highway,
With Birch, Pine and Cedar, we got Wall St and a walkway?!
Why not Poplar? There are plenty in our midst
But, they’re not quite a Birch, if ya get my gist.

Sunday Noon Clue

Time is a ticking and the medallion is still hidden?
Well I wish I could just tell ya but that’s strictly forbidden.
Here’s a big tip- your money’s on Wall Street!
About 150 paces west will have me at your feet.
Your starting point is in the other clues,
If you ignore them, it’s likely you’ll lose.